Tuft and Needle Reviews 2018– The Cheapest High Quality Mattress?

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Tuft and Needle mattress appears to be a very good mattress—in fact, one of the biggest and best mattresses out there. Not just our thought, but it is based on unique consumer reviews and ratings lying around in top mattress shops—both online and offline. In this Tuft and Needle reviews, we will be going into details reviewing the pros and cons and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision before you buy the next mattress.

Tuft and Needle mattress company has been around for quite some time now, given that the company is an online-only mattress one for that matter. Nevertheless, they have distinguished themselves as an online mattress leader that puts customer satisfaction, affordability as well as being transparent enough to reveal their selling and tweaking policies to meet the yearnings of their teeming customers.

Tuft and Needle Reviews

So far, Tuft and Needle is the only online mattress company that offers high quality mattress at such an amazing cheap price. They have also done a great job around consumer research and product development—making it possible to produce great products at unbeatable prices. No doubt, the T and F Mattress offers the best mattress for the money in 2017.

Before you get into the needed details, it is important to understand that Tuft and Needle mattresses may be new in the mattress industry, unlike the bigger competitors that exist out there. However, the mattress is shaking the mattress industry in no small way.

Now the question is: Can a mattress which costs relatively cheaper than the big players in the mattress industry help you create great sleep? You are about to find out soon. Please, read on!

Tuft and Needle reviews: Cover

The cover is made up of polyester and nylon mix to enable the mattress to perform above average when it comes to controlling moisture and give you a cooler surface to sleep on.

Have you ever seen a mattress with a thin, snow white thin mattress cover? If yes, good for you! If no, the T and F mattress has got it! Worthy of note is the amazing thinness which is designed to enhance the cooling feature of the mattress.

Unfortunately, you won’t get this ultra-thin cover feature in traditional padded covers whose goal is to create more immediate pressure relief softness.

The cover offers basic aesthetic design. It is as basic as having a number of white rectangles stacked up together. We believe the basic design is deliberate to keep the mattress price much lower than what T and F competitors should offer. Besides, Tuft and Needle removed much of the bells and whistles in order to keep the price low.


Tuft and Needle reviews: Foam Layer Design

The Tuft and Needle is built to a thickness of about 10 inches from two layers of foam. There is a top layer which gives comfort and a bottom layer, which is the foundational layer.

The Layer at the Top

The layer at the top of a Tuft and Needle mattress consists of a three-inch polyfoam layer, making it achieve the nice comfort it is designed for. In addition, the top layer also provides cooling and support for Tuft and Needle mattresses. The top layer is about 2.9 pounds/cubic feet.


Bottom Layer

The Tuft and Needle bottom layer measures more than double the top layer—it is about 7 inch of foam which offers base support. The bottom layer is a little less than 2 pounds/cubic feet. What the bottom layer does is to provide shape as well as confer foundational support on the Tuft and Needle.

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Tuft and Needle Reviews: Feel and Support

As far as firmness is concerned, Tuft and Needles mattresses get about 6 on a firmness scale of 10. Most mattresses out there which offer medium firmness fall on a scale of 6 to 6.5 out of 10. So, it is impressive to note that Tuft and Needle mattress comes appears soft enough for comfort. Old tuft and needle mattresses are usually too firm for comfort.

The Tuft and Needle reviews will not be complete if we fail to highlight some of the pros and cons of the mattress. So, let us go into details about some of the good and bad features of the Tuft and Needle Mattress.

Tuft and Needle Reviews: Motion Transfer

Just like a latex mattress, the T & F mattress has got a very small amount ability to transfer motion. You will find this motion transfer feature truly impressive if you are sleeping with a partner than you would with a spring mattress which offers quite a lot of motion transfer.


The mattress is about 30% lighter than what obtains in average mattress in terms of weight. You will not find any grips or handles. Being a light mattress, you may find out that it is difficult to stay firmly in place. However, the good news is that the Tuft and Needle mattress makes up for this deficiency by being very easy to lift, handle or move because of its light weight.

Sinkage Test

The sinkage ability of a mattress is basically the mattress ability to cave in when a human weight lies on it at different positions. This is relative to the weight of the individual on the mattress. For example, you could be weighing about 180 pounds, and you get a 6 inches sinkage if you stand on it, while a 120 pounds man may get only a 3inch sinkage in the same standing position.

The bottom line is to go for a mattress that is good enough to support your weight. Tuft and Needle mattress comes as a mid-way mattress supporting moderate and small weight. It may not necessarily be the best mattress for heavy people.


Commonly Asked Questions

What are the size options available?

The Queen size mattress (10 inches) is about 60 x 80 inches in measurement. It comes very neatly packed in a compact packaging system.

But that is not all…

There are a few other Tuft and Needle mattress sizes we think you should know:

  • Full (54 x 75 x 10 inches)
  • California King (72 x 84 x 10 inches)
  • Twin (39 x 75 x 10 inches)
  • King (76 x 80 x 10 inches)
  • Twin XL (39 x 80 x 10 inches)

Amazon.com offers the 5inch variety of the mattresses if you have a less headroom space for a 10inch mattress.

Does the mattress Need a Frame or Foundation?

TufTuft and Needleeedle recommends that the mattress be placed sit firmly on a foundation such as the floor, a spring bed or even slatted frames.

Putting the mattress on another type of foundation not sufficiently firm may affect the sleeper’s comfort levels. In addition, this may also affect the mattress health in future.

There are certain things to bear in mind if you intend to place the T & F mattress directly on the floor.

The mattress employs a unique spacer cloth which is placed securely on the bottom. This is meant for optimizing the air flow.

So, if you place the mattress on the plywood, moist surfaces or cotton rugs— it may affect the air flow over time which may lead to mildew.

If you use mattress on the floor and live in humid climates, TufTuft and Needleeedle recommends that you prop the mattress up at least once a week. This is meant to optimally normalize the air flow.

However, it is better to have the mattress placed on a foundation or frame if you live in humid climatic conditions.

Can A Mattress Pad Be Used?

Yes, a mattress pad can be conveniently used with it.

You can also use a mattress protector if you like, to help keep the mattress clean. In fact, the use of zippered style protectors with ability to filter allergen can go a long way to protect the sleeper too.

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According to Tuft and Needle, a heating pad can be used without any risk of nullifying the warranty or damaging the mattress.

How Do you Take Good Care of Tuft and Needle Mattress?

Well, taking care of Tuft and Needle mattress comes appears to be very easy and straightforward.

So that it doesn’t shrink, the cover need not be tumble-dried or machine washed. Instead, you should unzip and remove it. A soft detergent should be used to spot-clean it. Afterwards, you need to wait for the area you have cleaned to dry completely before you replace it on the Tuft and Needle mattress.

To preserve the special design, make sure you do NOT air, rotate or flip the mattress. Always place the mattress with the zippered side down.

Although not compulsory, the mattress company recommends you use sheets (which must be replaced regularly) and a protector on the mattress.

Does Tuft and Needle Give you Comfort Guarantee?

Yes, an exceptional one for that matter! There is a new exceptional return policy of 100-night free, to afford you enough time to figure out if the mattress is right for you. The new policy was raised from the previous 30-night policy.

What Is the Warranty Offered by Tuft and Needle?

Tuft and Needle has got an impressive warranty in place, to keep up with its exceptional high customer service standards.

Once you buy the product, you enjoy a Limited Warranty of 10 years which covers both workmanship errors and defects in material design provided you use the mattress based on the company recommendations.

The warrantee also covers any flaw that will culminate in the foam splitting, cracking, or even mattress cover defects such as unraveled stitching or fabric tear.

Foam defects like a visible sag exceeding 0.75 in while no weight sits on it are well covered by the warrantee. We believe the warrantee offered by TufTuft and Needleeedle is impressive because most mattress competitors out there will only accept sagging complains of about 1.25 in or above.

In addition, the company may replace the mattress wholly. It may even replace material parts such as the cover. It also covers repair of parts as the company deems necessary. Bear in mind that the warranty policy is valid for the period of ten years after you buy the mattress.

To avoid rendering the warranty null and void, you should ensure the mattress sits on a foundation to bear your weight and distribute the weight of the mattress evenly.

How Much Does the Tuft and Needle Mattress Cost?

If we are to compare with similar memory foam mattresses of great quality, the Tuft and Needle 10-inch Queen mattress is quite affordable. And it helps you save greatly without having to compromise on craftsmanship, design, material, warranty or even return policy.



What We Love about Tuft and Needle Mattress

  • Tuft and Needle is a good mattress for those on budget

The company ships their mattress directly to your doorstep from their mattress. This gesture allows the Tuft and Needle company to reduce much of their overhead costs and pass the savings on to their reputable customers.

This makes the company to offer one of the cheapest mattresses that beat their competitors and pass the savings on to their customers.

  • Tuft and Needle Offers some bounce

Bounce in a mattress makes you enjoy some measure of comfort while lying on the mattress. Tuft and Needle has some measure of bounce that gives a measure of comfort to their customers. Even though it is made up of a proprietary foam, TufTuft and Needleeedle feels more like latex rather than Memory foam.

Therefore, you enjoy support and comfort. In addition, you won’t get stuck or sink like you would in a traditional memory foam mattress.

  • It is a moderately firm Mattress

As we said earlier, Tuft and Needles earns a score of about 6 on a scale of 10. This means that the mattress is firm, but “soft” compared to other firm mattresses which are remarkably firm.

  • No Bells and Whistles
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Tuft and Needle offers a great sleeping experience. Unlike most luxury options out there, you do NOT need all the bells and whistles. It is basic! Every cent you spend on the Tuft and Needle mattress directly goes into building the core mattress.

  • Number 1 Rated on Amazon

The Tuft and Needle Mattress has been around for some time now offering great quality products, much to the admiration of its teeming consumers. Little wonder why it has earned numerous positive reviews and has become the number 1 rated mattress on Amazon.

So, if you would like to make your buying decision based on what other consumers are saying, I am happy to inform you that the TufTuft and Needleeedle mattress has got what it takes to deliver.

  • Good for People Who Hate to SLEEP Hot

Tuft and Needle mattress appears to be very good for people like me who do NOT want to sleep hot!


What We Don’t Like about Tuft and Needle

  • You Can’t Try it Out before Buying

As at the time of writing these Tuft and Needle reviews, the company only offers a showroom in Phoenix. This means you can’t lay on the mattress before buying, especially if you are outside of Phoenix since the mattress is exclusively sold online.

However, the mattress offers a full refund period within 100 days of purchase. This means you stand no financial risk at all if you pay for the product without “testing it first!”

  • It Doesn’t Offer a Soft, Plush Feel

The Tuft and Needle is a firm mattress which we have given a score of 6 on a scale of 10 in terms of firmness. While it is only moderately firm, it may not be the perfect mattress for you if you prefer to sleep on a mattress that has a plush top pillow feel.

  • It is not an Expensive, Luxury Mattress

No doubt, the Tuft and Needle is a very good mattress at a low price. However, if you prefer a high end, expensive luxury mattress that will cost higher, in thousands of dollars, you should buy better suited options.

Who is the Tuft and Needle Mattress for?

The mattress is indeed for:

  • People who are on a budget: We think this is the best mattress for the money in the market today
  • People who prefers a bit firmer mattress
  • People who prefers to sleep on their stomach or back
  • Buyers who cherish trial period and a good return policy
  • People who enjoy a mattress that is slightly a variant of innerspring


In Conclusion…

Tuft and Needle mattress comes as one of the biggest and best mattresses out there. Not just our thought, but it is based on unique consumer reviews and ratings lying around in top mattress shops—both online and offline. In the Tuft and Needle reviews above, we have gone into details reviewing the pros and cons and provided you with all the information you need to make an informed decision before you buy the next mattress.

Tuft and Needle remains the only online mattress company that offers high quality mattress at such an amazing cheap price. They have also done a great job around consumer research and product development—making it possible to produce great products at unbeatable prices. No doubt, the Tuft and Needle Mattress offers the best mattress for the money.

Tuft and Needle mattresses are good, very affordable and highly recommended for people on a budget. the company is indeed a very transparent, honest and reputable one for that matter. You are sure to enjoy their product and all the promises that come with it.


Tuft and Needle mattress appears to be a very good mattress that comes at a reasonable price no competitor can beat successfully. It has got no frills and is produced by a reputable company. It comes as a medium firm mattress that is highly suitable for back or stomach sleepers. However, it is not readily the best mattress for side sleepers.


In summary, I love the mattress and would recommend it! Hope you find the Tuft and Needle reviews helpful.

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